5 Tips For Better Living


Yes, it comes as no surprise that we will all succumb to death eventually. The time that we have in-between; though, is precious. Some of us don’t see it that way, while others simply can’t forget that the end will come and without a doubt, we would probably not have achieved the goals that we’ve set. The question however is, have you even set any goals?
Let me rephrase that. What do you live for? What is your Vena Sera? What is your Vein
Liquid? We’ve all got something to live for; and if we don’t feel that we do, then it’s time to make one. Give life a reason. Have something that you can fall back on and say “This is me, wholeheartedly and honest to the core.” You see, on this day, the 31st of May 2017; I already know that in the greater scheme of things, I am mostly obsolete. I serve no purpose to the art community; nor the musical community, Hell I don’t even know where I truly belong in my social community. What I do know though, is that I have places I would like to get to. I know that every time I rest my head down on my soft duck feathered pillow, I have places that I picture myself in.
These values and dreams can be achieved if only I just took the time to work at them and FOCUSED my time into my future. Wouldn’t that be great? The bigger scheme of things wouldn’t even make a difference to me anymore; because I would be making my own purpose in life. I would then fall into that scheme, and add value to others. Imagine a world where everyone was dedicated to achieving their dreams and actually just sat down and; well, did them?


The purpose of life, in my opinion, is simply to create. We are all here to learn and grow and spread these seeds of inspiration and genius amongst others. There have been many times where the world would appear extremely dull through my eyes. Everything I created and worked at was intensely mundane. I hated picking up a pencil or placing a guitar in my hands. Every line of graphite was a mark of misery, and every strummed chord spoke fathoms of dissonance. The only thing that would get me through it would be the inspiration of other creators, and the struggle that we all have to endure to create something beautiful. For

For you see, in creation lies destruction.
We learn to deal with our inner most ghouls and ghosts that haunt the surfaces and depths of our emotions. Creation allows us to dive deep into these untapped and forgotten feelings to destroy whatever may be hindering our growth. It forces us to deal with whatever is killing us inside and teleports us to the world where we face these issues. Having had my parents pass away at a young age, I found myself drawn to the world of gaming, food, and art. My goals were simple. To become one of the best artists that the world has ever seen. Little did I know of art as a global language at the time. It was simply more than just a pretty picture. As I went along with daily drawings; I understood that the more I drew, the better I became at it. The pencil would be sharpened differently each week, and the style of shading would
improve as I went along. I began to see how the surface of an image would need to change according to the angles of light. Many revelations were found throughout this, but the biggest one of all was not my technical prowess growing, but rather my content on the image.

Everything became darker. The subject matter (while therapeutic to me) scared most of my family. They believed that psychology was the best thing I could do and it would cause my art style to change. One thing I have found over all the years is that those who are not aware of the darkness of art as therapy will instantly rebuke the subject matter presented at them instead of seeing it as an emotional release from the artist. While it did break my spirit a little when my family would always make detailed comments about how they wished I would stop being so “Dark,” it didn’t phase me too much. I knew what helped, because with every artwork I created, I learn something new about myself. I learned that in those few hours that I would sketch, I would question the past. I would reflect upon the death that surrounded my family, and the reasons for why it could have been. I would sit and think about every other issue in my life, and they all seemed to lighten in burden as I progressed throughout the piece. Several
years later (the 2nd of November 2012 to be exact) I picked up a guitar for the first time. Just a few weeks away from being 17, I knew that to become at least somewhat decent, I
would need to practice for hours on end with a purpose. Being self-taught requires dedication because there is no right or wrong way of doing it, but the results will show the progress that you have made. Now 4 and a half years later, and I can honestly say that picking up that tiny Suzuki guitar was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Why? Simply because it

Why? Simply because it gave me another outlet for my soul to be heard. The Voice of the soul is Creation. In conclusion, do what makes you happy, Give your life a purpose, just so long as it goes hand in hand with what allows for your voice to be heard. Not your vocal chords, but the voice of your soul. DO NOT GO GENTLE, and hone in on those creative sparks. Nothing can ever make you happier than creating, whether it is for yourself or for others, because I believe that it is inherent in our very DNA to be a part of creation, and I’m sure you can agree on that too.
Follow through with what your vein liquid needs to thrive, and follow the path of
creation. Not as a religion, but as a way of life. If you can, find a way to apply it to your work life, and you’ll be making money simply by just existing as a creative. Now wouldn’t that be great?

THE LIGHT” -Dylan Thomas-



If you love yourself, please take a nap once a day. 30 minutes to an hour is perfect. DO IT.
Power naps are the future. It revitalizes pretty much everything. I have never woken up
grumpy from a nap, no matter how short. It’s the most ideal way of spending your time every day, especially to beat that midday slump without going for a high calorie or high sugar snack.
That’s it for this tip. Short and simple, take naps,

“Naps are love, naps are life.” -Rayen Ponsamy-



Just say “Nope, not today Satan”. There are many times in your life where temptation will be flung towards you. Sometimes there’s absolutely no harm in taking it by the balls and embracing it for a bit.


However, there are many times where that temptation could not possibly come at a worse time. A friend who wants to go out partying the night before you have a 1200 word essay due for the following morning at 9-am sharp, and you know damn well that you’ve barely got a 10th of those words written down.
Sometimes you know exactly what you should do. Say “NO,” but for some reason, you decide on “ok cool, but not for too long.” and you wake up at 10 am the following morning without any idea of what hell awaits.
These are the spirit crushers, Spirit crushing is not anything that comes at you, but what you allow in. I for one know that I absolutely to the core of my existence SUCK at saying “NO.”

I hate disappointing others and making them feel unwanted. However, I know that I need to rebuke their requests and offerings on a majority of occasions to focus on my future and productivity. Now, this is completely up for debate with whether something is toxic for you or not, but for argument’s sake, I will simply classify it as anything that is not benefitting you in the long run and is hindering your progression with regards to goals you have set. These are of course a combination of external sources and internal struggles. The one thing that can overcome all of them, however, is willpower.

Vincent Qui Se Vincit: He Who Conquers Himself Conquers All.

A simple method that’s evidently easier said than done. I have struggled with these issues for ages and have yet to overcome them, simply because I know that the sacrifices that have to be made are ones that will hurt others as well as myself. However, the payout, in the end, will most certainly be worth it.
The simple point here, just know when to say NO. Start small, and then eventually build up to have an immunity to these vices that plague us so subtly yet menacingly. I’m not saying become a complete killjoy, but I am saying that if you follow the “3 R’s”, you’ll eventually lead yourself off to a much better future with a firm foundation.




Yes. Take walks. Simple enough, but for what reason? To ground yourself. It’s easy to get
caught up in the world around us. Busy lifestyles revolving around studies, making money, working, and just helping others or spending time with people can consume virtually all of our time. However, If we spend roughly 10 to 20 minutes a day just walking around outside on our own, I believe it makes a huge difference. All that busyness and intense interpersonal relations with others disappear when we take a stroll through the park and look at the infinite skies above.
It almost puts things into perspective for us. There’s such an unfathomable vastness that quite literally surrounds us, that it’s a shame to not even embrace the existence of it. Imagine what it would be like to have the winds of eons worth of wisdom caress your skin as you teeter on through a quiet field. The cadence of nature is revitalizing to all the senses, and if you could exist as part of it for just a fraction of the day, why wouldn’t you? It allows you to see

It allows you to see yourself as a speck on the Earth, which has no value to the planet.
You are simply an inhabitant to this wise ancient mother-of-all. It allows you to understand that you MUST humble yourself, because we are all at the hand of something greater. We will learn how to become grateful for what we have and what we are, and for this reason, I believe a daily walk, or even just a daily encounter with nature in order to ground ourselves should be an integral part of day to day living.

More often than not, we feel overwhelmed with the trials of modern living, and for this reason, it is important to understand that we are all part of something so much bigger than any problem we could face. Your world is only as finite as you’d believe it to be, so get out there and understand that you’re part of everything that was and everything that will be. Only good can come from letting go this way. It’s something I used to do often, but have grown distant to. However, there are moments in the early hours of the morning where I would have to take my tiny Maltese out to use the little dog loo in the garden, and I will find that looking at the skies above take me to a state of ascension far beyond verbal description. It’s funny how looking up can bring you back down. So really, go ahead and teeter on.


All it takes is a spark. In your times of directionless travel, it just takes a single ember to ignite the mass of thatch woven throughout your mind. An idea. A short story. A sentence. An image. A song. A word.

Inspiration is everywhere. The concepts and thoughts that we can
process from a single idea really does go to show that Inspiration is never overrated. Many artists and creatives have a notion that there is no reason for inspiration and you need to develop things on your own. Others believe that being inspired simply means you’re about to copy off of the idea or concept that you have just been inspired by, which to an extent is true. However, it’s also an obvious truth that you cannot create from nothing. Inspiration is everything that was and everything that will be. No artist can paint without the resources to get going, While the topic is a broad one for discussion, the point I’m trying to make is simply that we are built up of things we have been inspired by. Everything we like and dislike about ourselves and others is something that we have learned from somewhere else. I only know what an Elephant looks like because I have seen it and have been taught to identify it as such. The same works for inspiration. It’s like a whole map of connecting the dots, and each one connects to the next. The dots you choose will create your shape, and this will affect anyone else’s shape that you come into contact with, because you now become one of those dots. Quite the amazing concept when you think about it isn’t it?

Now moving forward. Every idea we’ve ever had has been influenced by an older concept, which will inevitably affect the future ideas we carry so long as it has had a relatively strong impact on the way we think. I have always been inspired by mythology as a child, with dragons being the archetype of power in all of them. Moving forward into the future, I have begun constructing a story which has a high level of mythological reference both biblical and other, again all revolving around the concept of Ouroboros, and of course, the Ouroboros is symbolized by the endless Dragon. This is an example of how constant and pure inspiration has to lead me on my journey to creation.
The ability to create without reference is impossible. No one will ever be able to do so. So
never feel that you need to ever rely purely on your own creative pool of sources in your mind to create something. If anything, this will constantly cause you to feel uninspired and stagnant.
Get out there and add more and more ideas to your head. Mix and match these ideas
constantly until you feel that you have come up with something new or fresh. This is what it is like to feel inspired. What’s the best part about this?
Well, inspiration is not just sheltered away for “artists” only, it can apply to virtually any aspect of your life. Tired of the way you make a sandwich? Go online and get inspired. Not having fun with your daily workout routine? Get out there and find an inspiring way of working out every day. Inspiration is simply a way of being at the base of others and learning from them to better your own crafts and life, which in turn can add value to others who may find you as an inspiration.
There is nothing we cannot do together as a collective, and it all starts by being open with growth.

Stay Inspired
Turn that idea from
Ember To Inferno.
Blaze onwards.

And keep Chasing Dragons, Souro.


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