Leave Out All The Rest

“When my time comes
Forget the wrongs that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memories
Leave out all the rest”

“Leave Out All The Rest” -Linkin Park-


This isn’t an easy one. Infact, this is one of the hardest realisations that has ever been dropped onto my chest. Today we as humanity have lost something which in every sense of the word, makes us what we are. Chester Bennington, rest in piece brother.

I only find it fair to call you my brother. Not by blood,nor by any real association, Hell you definitely didn’t even know I existed. In The End though, none of that even mattered. I have connected to you by connecting with the music that you and the rest of Linkin Park have graced us with. You understood the reality of mankind’s existence. You understood that suffering is a constant factor of one’s life. You understood what it is to be human, and you lived by the sword of every violently brutal scream that left your chest. Now it has made it just that much easier for us to lay you to rest in our hearts as we mourn your death.
We may never have met you, nor have we had the opportunity to ever speak to you, but you have touched the hearts of millions of people across the planet. You have done what very few could ever do in the short time that you have been here. Today, we safely immortalise your legacy with our tears and heartache, for it was your words that pulled us out of the Numb. Your voice and words were and always will be the Catalyst for hope in hearts that had long Given Up.

I remember how I used to listen to Linkin Park when I was 12 and was sure that there was no better band in existence. That nothing could compare. Hell, I was wrong. I moved on to find a wide selection of technical metal bands. I found bands that could tear apart the musicianship of Linkin Park in a mere minute of play. I found bands who created compositions so complex it took me ages to actually grow into enjoying what I was listening to. I found bands that made music so emotional I found myself wiping away tears that rolled far too swiftly down my cheek, and I had no idea what the song was even about.

And now, 10 years later, You’re still one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Linkin Park has spoken to my soul on countless occasions.
I remember the first time that my mother listened to “Leave Out All The Rest” after my father’s death. With a smile filled both with sorrow and joy, she calmly said “This is a message he left you.” In that very moment, a piece of me was restored. I cried with sorrow and with Joy, and looked at my mother, thanking you for creating this song.

Throughout my teenage years, there was a constant reinforcement of power within every song you had ever created. I would sit for hours on end listening to every album on repeat while I stayed up all night and sketched. Songs would strike a nerve and I would be angered by my fathers passing, and wonder what would happen if my mother had not died a year later. I would nod my head uncontrollably to the clear compositions and ingenious songwriting that was continuously evolving.
There were songs that never seemed to fail me, but nothing more powerful that “Leave Out All The Rest”.

It was simple, but so direct that it filled my chest with hope. I felt that you knew your day would come, very much the way my father had when he committed suicide.

Now here we are, 10 years later, and while you have left the Earth Chester, We will never leave you. You have immortalised yourself in what you have become, and Mercy will come and wash away everything you have done.

While I still have so much to say, none of it really matters. I have been crying for the last three hours now, and it doesn’t seem to feel any better, but I can safely say that your impression on this world is far bigger than a footprint. You have saved far more than you have destroyed, and you have given me light when I was consumed by darkness.

We will never know what drove you to the edge. Truthfully, I never want to, for I know that if you finally ended it all, you really were done. Just know that you have not lost this war. You have emerged a legend and nothing can ever compare to the strength of the army your words have inspired.

I pray that you journey swiftly onwards as you Chase your Dragons, and know that all we have for you is love Chester. The Shadow of today has embraced this world in grey, and the sun will set for you.

Rest In Piece. -Love, Souro-


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